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Tales from Tasmania
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Tales from Tasmania


Just after Christmas (2017), some of our members jetted off to explore the vast plants and wildlife of Tasmania. 

The tour was led by one of Australasia's leading naturalists, Mark Hanger. It began in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania. 


Hobart, Tasmania

The view of Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington. 


After Hobart, it was onto Mount Field National Park - Tasmania’s oldest national park (along with Freycinet). 


Mount Field National Park

A boulder glacier, relic of the Ice Age (Mount Field).


Tasmanian wildflowers

Richea scoparia (left) Euphrasia straita (right) pictured in Mount Field National Park. 


Leptecophylla juniperina

Leptecophylla juniperina.


Near Strahan (a small town on the west coast), the group found Eucryphia lucida and Blandfordia punicea


Tasmanian wildflowers

Eucryphia lucida (left) Blandfordia punicea (right).



Cradle Mountain National Park was next on the agenda. Our travellers were treated to a wonderful view of a mother and baby pademelon (small wallaby) from the hotel window! 


Pademelon (wallaby) in Tasmania  


Chilloglottis gunnii

Blandfordia punicea.


Riches pandanifolia

Richea pandanifolia.


Riches scoparia

Richea scoparia.


Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake, as seen from above.


Leptospermum rupestre

Leptospermum rupestre (Alpine Tea Tree).



Wombat Pool, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasman

Wombat Pool.


Black Currawong

Black Currawong.


Donatia novae-zealandiae (Western Cushion Plant)

Donatia novae-zelandiae (Western Cushion Plant).



On a day's excursion to Ben Lomond, the group made it to a plateau of 1,500m. They saw some wonderful plantlife and enjoyed stunning scenery. 


Jacob's Ladder, Ben Lomond National Park, Tasmania

Jacob's Ladder (the steep, winding, zig-zag road that climbs up to Ben Lomond Mountain). 



Richea scoparia. 



Freycinet is situated on the east coast. The scenery here is spectacular, with the granite Hazards mountain range and serene sandy beaches. 


Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Hazards Beach.


dipodium roseum tasmania

Dipodium roseum.


Chiloglottis gunnii

Chiloglottis gunnii.



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