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Volume Pages
Randall, M. (Mary)
Randolph, Lady Dorothy:  Notes from a Surrey Garden 11 50
Rankin, Prof. David:  Waiting for Spring in North-West Yunnan 67 87
Rathbone, M.:  Fritillaries in Open Ground 25 32
Raven, John:  Crete in March 40 188, 301
Rawinsky, G.B.:  Double Double, Toil and Trouble? 22 329
Read, Paul:  Photographing Blue and Lavender Flowers in Colour 33 143
Regan, Mrs. W.J.
Reichstein, Prof. T.:  Remarks on Raising Some Rock Plants 26 328
Reid, Marion:  Darlingtonia californica 28 139
Renton, Mrs. D.G.:  In a Perthshire Garden 2 166
Reynolds, K.
Rice, Graham:  A Captivating Mystery 60 58
Richards, A.J. (John)
Richards, R.W.:  A Camping Trip to Aosta and the Maritimes 46 214
Rickard, Martin:  Hardy Ferns for Alpine Gardens 59 239
Riley, D.:  Cultivation of Some Recently Introduced Androsaces 46 152
Riley, M.
Ripley, Dwight
Rix, Martyn:  North-western Chinese Fritillaries 73 179
Rixon, Murray J.:  A Few Thoughts on Cultivation 64 326
Roberts, Harry
Roberts, J.G.
Roberts, Tim:  Nepalese Saxifrages, an Ongoing Appraisal 72 53
Robinson, G.W.
Roderick, Wayne:  Some Plants of California 55 207
Rodgers, D. and C.:  The Orchids of Corfu 54 377
Roger-Smith, Dr. Hugh
Rogers, Dr. M.A.T.:  Soldanellas and the Melting Snow 42 134
Rolfe, R. (Robert)
Rollinson, Geoff
Rosenheim, Paul
Rosset, P.:  Alpine Garden La Rambertia, 1896-1971 42 183
Roughan, J.
Rowland, Nigel:  Orchids in Southern Crete 59 297
Rowntree, Mrs. Lester
Ruffier-Lanche, R.
Rugg, Harold:  New England Ferns for the Rock Garden 23 204
Ruksans, Janis:  The Hunt for Iris winkleri 66 366
Runham, Norman:  Slugs and Snails and the Alpine Gardener 62 20
Russ, Brian:  Selected Sempervivums 59 311
Rymer, Tony:  A Week in the Dachstein Massif 63 165