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Volume Pages
Page, J. (John) F.
Palmer, The Hon. E.R.:  Oncocyclus Irises and Good Intentions 40 15
Pankridge, W.P.:  Calceolaria darwinii 19 145
Pannell, A.G.:  Aphids and Ants - Slugs and Snails 25 177
Pape, Miss D.C.
Parish, D. & M.:  Our Heritage in Wild Flowers 50 113
Parish, Marjorie
Parker, G. (Gerard)
Parker, T.:  A Trip Round a Trough 53 88
Parker, T.E.:  A Week in the Bernese Oberland 28 186
Parsons, K.O.:  Notes on a few Tulip Species 15 119
Paschall, G.W.
Pasche, Erich
Pattison, Graham:  Garden Plant Conservation 61 310
Peace, Don:  Seeking Androsace vandellii in Southern Spain 69 368
Peach, J.
Peacock, F.M.
Pearson, E. Michael:  Nepal for Primulas 67 197
Perner, Holger:  Orchid Wealth 70 285
Perry, Reginald:  The Small Water Garden, its Con-struction and Planting 3 139
Pescod, D.
Petch, M.T.:  La Cerdagne 34 261
Peter, J.F.:  Avers-Cresta and the Bernina Valley 21 178
Petitt, Sally:  First Impressions 70 257
Petterson, Judith:  New Zealand Harebells 63 292
Philbey, David
Philipson, W.R.
Phillips, Ian
Phillips, P.S. (Phil)
Phillips, Phil & Gwen
Pickering, Dr. Nigel:  Altitude Induced Sickness 62 156
Plasman, F.:  Foire aux Plantules 43 207
Platt, J.:  Ruth McConnel and Some of Her Plants 49 127
Polunin, Oleg
Pontecorvo, G.
Popper, M.F.:  Expeditions from Lake Garda 41 165
Porter, C.:  A Collecting Trip to Italy and France 51 238
Potterton, Rob:  The Alpine Garden Society Expedition to China 1994:  Wild Collections 64 168
Potts, H.G.:  An Alpine Lawn 6 91
Pradhan, Keshab C.:  Botanical Ramblings in the Sikkim Himalaya 72 263
Praeger, Lloyd R.:  On Judging and Other Things 16 284
Pratt, Kevin
Preston, G.H.
Price, W.R.:  Variety Pricei 37 51
Pritchard, W.B.:  Notes from Llandudno 6 87
Probert, R.:  Some Asiatic Primulas 50 22
Proctor, A.R.S.:  Ben Lawers 6 71
Proctor, Michael:  Abisko Revisited - a North Swedish Mountain Flora 59 60
Prynne, M.W.:  Campanula fragilis and a few Others 15 278
Puddle, F.C.:  Asiatic Primulas 1 74
Pugsley, H.C.:  Alpines in Colour:  -Verbascums for the Alpine House 37 138
Pulham, J.R.
Punnett, M.S.:  Self-watering in the Alpine House 37 357