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Volume Pages
Mabberley, David
MacDougall, Coline:  Notes from an Exile 12 86
Macfarlane, R.
Machin, Clifford:  Rhododendron dauricum 16 320
Mackenzie, W.G.:  The Rock Garden Throughout the Year 26 180
Maclagan, Sally
Macmillan, Bryony:  New Zealand Acaenas 63 279
MacPhail, A.J.:  Alpines of the World - Plants of the Cascade Range 39 43
MacPherson, S.:  Cushions and Carpets 52 225
Maddock, R.B.
Magers, Mrs. H.P.
Main, J.D.:  Himalayan Harvest 52 229
Malby, Mrs. E.:  A Small Garden in London 4 28
Mansfield, T.C.:  Thirteen Hypericums 5 174
Manton, Ruth B.:  Granite Are Our Hills 25 247
Manuel, Richard:  Gardening with Temperate Orchids 73 286
Marcham, Dr. A. (Tony) J.:  Primula allionii, an end or a beginning 60 255
Mark, Prof. Alan F:  The New Zealand Alpine Flora and Vegetation 63 245
Marley, J.R.:  Cuttings and Hormones 17 174
Marriage, Mrs. K.N.
Marsden, Richard:  A Summer in the Arctic 64 46
Marsh, Eric
Marsh, S.J.:  My Sussex Garden 10 216
Marshall, H.L.:  My Twelve Best Alpines - An Australian's Choice 39 243
Martin, Stephen R.
Martin, T.:  Hardy Sundews 48 328
Martinelli, Dr. Sylvia
Maslin, T.P.:  Phlox nana 46 163
Mason, D.:  Primulas in the Monsoon 52 241
Mathew, Brian
Mattfield, Dr. Johannes:  Species of the Genus Aubrieta 7 157, 217
Matthews, Y. (Yvonne) S.:  The Genus Codonopsis 48 96
Matyashenko, G.V.:  The Vegetation of the Chalk Hills of the Sub-Ural Plateau 55 254
McBeath, R.J.D.
McBride, H.(Harold) C.A.
McClintock, Arabella
McClintock, D. (David):  Alpines in Kent 16 223
McConnel, Mrs. Ruth
McConnell, Audrey:  A Garden Miscellany 22 56
McCulloch, Sybil:  A Western Canadian Garden 58 220
McGough, Noel:  Alpine Plants and Conservation Legislation 61 238
McGregor, Jim
McKay, Judy:  A Garden to Visit 66 213
McLaren, F.D.R.
McLaren, Hon. H.D. (Lord Aberconway):  Rhododendrons for Rock Gardens 1 106
McLaren, M.
McMillan Browse, P.:  The Pasque Flower, Some Notes on its Propagation 51 61
McMurtrie, Alan:  A Whole New World 71 99
McNab, John:  Let's Build a Rock Garden 24 207
Meaden, R.C.:  Thoughts on the Germination of Cyclamen Seeds 50 252
Meadows, G.E.M.
Mear, Doreen:  Ranunculus glacialis 67 18
Mellows, Ken:  The way it works 69 240
Mellows, Ken & Margaret:  Collecting and Saving Seed 65 305
Meredith, L.D.:  The Rock Garden at the National Botanic Gardens, Canberra 50 121
Merelie, G. (Garth)
Millard, F.W.:  The Humorous Side of Alpine Gardening 11 87
Miller, H.F.R.
Millward, Dr David
Milne-Redhead, E.:  A Code of Conduct for the Conservation of Flowering Plants and Ferns 40 169
Minchin, Christopher:  Notes from Gloucestershire, Some Plants of the Falkland Islands 24 154
Mitchell, Robert:  Dactylorhizas from Seed 61 324
Mitchell, Ron:  Alpine Nurseries - Slack Top Alpines 62 409
Moe, N.G.:  Guidlines for the Cultivation of Alpines 56 252
Mooney, Capt. G.K.
Moore, B.R.:  Australia's Kosciusko National Park 49 49
Moore, Dr. C.W.
Moore, Nicholas:  Alpines on a Housing Estate 22 152
Morgan, F.C.B.:  The AGS Tours, 1960 (Tour B) 29 209
Morgan, Peggy:  A Trip to Stewart Island, New Zealand 38 393
Morris, John:  Cultivating Saxifrages; which and where 65 23
Morris, S.:  Helleborus lividus 53 235
Morris, Sir Cedric:  Travels in and Around Portugal 53 301
Mortlock, Colin:  Rambles of an Amateur Botanist 63 209
Morton, Michael:  More Tools of the Trade 71 337
Mountfort, C.C.
Mourant, A.E.:  New Plants for Old 39 261
Mowle, D.
Mulligan, B.(Brian) O.
Mundey, G.R.
Murfitt, Rex H.:  The Forbidden Plateau 25 43
Murray, J.:  In Search of Australian Alpines 54 169
Murray, Jackie
Murray, Pete
Murray-Lyon, D.M. (Major General)
Mutch, Eileen and Nathan
Myers, Michael D.:  A Review of the Genus Hepatica 58 144
Mytton, H.H.:  Beginner's Luck 6 342