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Volume Pages
La Cour, L.F.:  Note on American Fritillaries 18 233
Lambert, D.P.:  Ingleborough Hall 18 92, 291
Lambert, Rick
Lancaster, Roy:  A Kind of Fairyland 58 236
Landale, Miss Maud
Lang, B.:  In Search of Spring Flowers in Andalusia 45 308
Lang, David:  Orchid Treasures from Tasmania 62 40
Lang, David C.:  A Visit to the Lhonak Valley of Sikkim 59 263
Lang, Karel:  Red Porphyrion Saxifrages 72 61
Last, Barbara
Laurenson, T.M.:  Beginning with Seeds 30 315
Law, Mrs. Nigel:  Misurina and the Passo Pordoi 24 150
Lawrence, Sir William
Lazenby, K.G.
Lead, W.L.
Leedal, J.C.
Leeds, J. & R. (Jane & Rod):  Growing Bulbs from Seed 54 225
Leeds, Rod
Lefebvre-Giron, Mme. A.:  Lilium pomponium 14 90
Lepper, L.:  The Genus Wulfenia 38 308
Leschallas, Capt. H.P.
Leslie, A.(Alan) C.:  Endemic Plants of the Balearic Isles 49 79
Lever, Rachel:  Alpine Nurseries, Aberconwy 65 201
Lewis, H. Mostyn
Librarian, The Hon.:  The Society's Herbarium of Alpine Plants 17 96
Liden, M.:  Notes on the Genus Corydalis 56 146
Lilley, S. (Sid) E.
Livingstone, D.
Lockey, Alastair:  Some Beautiful Australians 58 225
Lofts, T.C.:  Campanula zoysii 21 292
Lohbrunner, E.H.:  British Columbian Ferns for the Sunny Rock Garden 33 248
London, Miss V.C.
Lonsdale, John:  Cushion-forming New-Zealanders 63 242
Lovell, C. (Chris)
Lowe, D. (Duncan) B.
Lowe, Dorothy A.
Lowndes, Col. D.G.
Lowndes, T.H.
Lucas, C.:  The Duchesse de Vendome and Her Alpine Flower Book 44 198
Luker, Hilary
Lukin, D.M. Meriel:  Note on an Alpine House 18 262
Lukin, Mrs. R.
Lusmore, N.
Lyster, E.
Lyttel, Rev. Prof. E.S.