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Volume Pages
Jans, Harry
Jermyn, Jim:  Memories of Japan and its Plants - Some Favourite Genera 57 222
Johnson, Ian A.:  Some of my Favourites 11 190
Johnston, Mary Watson:  Alpines of Distinction - Dionysia curviflora 27 138
Jonasson, Ingemar:  Tulip Spring 67 265
Jones, A. Gavin:  High Alpines 18 93
Jones, Alan:  Roscoeas and the L.B.G. 51 84
Jones, Betty:  The French Alps, 1989 58 141
Jones, E.L.
Jones, R.:  The Teucriums 49 258
Joyce, Doug
Jukes, E.H.T.
Jungnickel, Dr. F.:  x Brigandra calliantha, Its Past, Present and Future Prospects 57 177
Jury, Stephen:  Morocco for Plants 58 111