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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus nudiflorus

Flowering Time



SW France; N & E Spain

Native Climate

Warm summer (with rain from storms). Cool moist winter

Wild Habitat

Moist meadows up to 2000m

Distinctive Features

Long tubed purple flower.   Corm tunic papery becoming fibrous with age.   Produces stolons

Closest Relatives

Crocus serotinus ssp salzmanni

Cultivation Requirements

Well drained position in soil that does not dry out completely in summer.   Naturalised in a number of places in the UK


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers. Easily raised from seed sometimes available in specialist/society lists

Flowering before the leaves, this is a good plant for growing in grass, there is a good display each autumn in the alpine lawn at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley, (UK).   The flowers stand up to the weather much better than the widely available Crocus speciosus.

Crocus nudiflorus

Crocus nudiflorus

Crocus nudiflorus