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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus medius

Flowering Time



NW Italy; SE France

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Mountain meadows, pastures.   Woodland

Distinctive Features

Lilac/Purple flower, scarlet style branches. Corm tunic netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus nudiflorus;   Crocus serotinus;

Crocus longiflorus

Cultivation Requirements

Tolerant of summer moisture given a well drained site.   Grown outside in UK gardens without protection


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers*

*It is thought that some (?all) commercial stocks carry virus.   Plants often produce flowers which are distorted and streaked as if infected by a virus.   However they are quite vigorous, surviving in the open garden, increasing where happy.   In an article in 'The Alpine Gardener' (The Quarterly Bulletin of The Alpine Garden Society) Vol 69, No 3, pp 289-290 Alan Edwards discusses the plant as he has encountered it in the wild.   Some wild populations comprise very striking plants with flowers which are considerably larger than the commercial form illustrated below.

Crocus medius

Crocus medius commercial form - an atypical individual with no evidence of virus infection.

Crocus medius

Crocus medius

Crocus medius

Crocus medius - a virus free form.   (Flowers nearly twice the size of the standard UK trade clone.)