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Garden Diaries

Several members keep or have kept gardening diaries here on the AGS website.

These diaries share experiences of how our members grow alpines in different parts of the UK and around the world. There is an archive here of old diary entries whch contain a wealth of  gardening information and experience.

Blasted heat(h) Northumberland Diary

This Diary has been kept once week since August 2006 and the diarist is John Richards, former President of the Society and Lyttel Trophy Holder.  The entries provide a rich mine of information on how our diarist grows Alpine and Rock plants in the North East of the country.

North Wales Diary

John Good keeps this diary from his North Wales garden overlooking the sea, where he grows a wide range of alpine and woodland plants.

Kent Diary

Our Kent diarist is Tim Ingram. Tim keeps us up to date on activities in his own garden as well as telling us about visits to other gardens. He also gives us his own take on other AGS events.

Photographer's Diary

Jon Evans who works tirelessly as a show photographer and also visits and photographs gardens around the country has been sharing his photographs with us on the old discussion forum for several years. His previous posts on the forum are available here in the form of a diary. Going forward, Jon is going to continue his photographer's diary entries on the new website.

Midland Diary

This diary comes from the Midlands and is written by Diane Clement.  As well as an enthusiastic Gardener and Exhibitor, Diane is an inveterate seed raiser and her diary is a superb record of the process of raising many different types of plants from seed, as well as all her other plant activities. Diane fits her diary entries in round the onerous task of organising the AGS seed exchange.

Old Court Nursery and the Picton Garden

Old Court Nursery was founded by Ernest Ballard to breed and sell his Asters. The nursery was later managed and then owned by Percy Picton who started the garden and developed an interest in alpines and rock plants. The nursery and the garden are now run by his granddaughter Helen and her husband Ross. Ross is going to keep us up to date with what is going on in the garden.

Schachen Schachen Diary

This previous diary gave us a chance to hear about a true alpine garden.  The Schachen garden lies at an altitude of 1850m and requires a 3 hour hike through forest and alpine meadows to reach it.  Jenny Wainwright-Klein was our guide.

Lakeland Diary

This beautiful garden in the Lake District is maintained on a voluntary basis by members of the Lakeland Horticultural Society. Of particular interest to AGS members is the National Collection of Meconopsis maintained here. Alan Oatway kept this diary for a few years.

Cambridge Diary

This previous blog came from the Alpine and Woodland team at Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The entries were provided by Helen Seal and Simon Wallis.

Wisley Alpine Diary

Paul Cumbleton kept this diary while he was in charge of Alpines at Wisley before he retired. He gives a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes in the Alpine Department at Wisley.